BBQ Cleaning

Hey San Diego, we all like to cook out, but no one likes to clean their BBQ grill. Let’s face it, it’s a dirty, time consuming job. So if you are looking for a San
Diego BBQ Cleaning company give us a call and let the pros clean your grill for you. You will be happy you did. There are too many other things to do in San Diego than spend a afternoon cleaning your dirty BBQ grill.

Reasons to schedule a Grill Cleaning Service include:

* A good grill cleaning can remove carcinogens

* Keeping the BBQ clean prevents corrosion of grill parts

* A yearly BBQ grill cleaning service helps extend the life of the grill

* A clean grill will cook your food evenly (no hot spots or flare ups)

* A clean grill keeps rats, birds, spiders, lizards away (gross!)

* Less smoke and flare ups equals better tasting food!


Our grill cleaning service includes removal and cleaning of cooking grids, heat tents and grease pan. We also inspect the burners and clear the burner holes for a nice even gas flow. We also scrape and scrub and degrease the inside of the grill box and hood to remove grease build up on the internal walls and bottom of the grill box. We also buff and polish the exterior to give it a nice look. We also will clean the stainless steel below the grill on built in grills.

We lay tarps down to protect all work surfaces and clean up afterwards.

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We will clean most brands of grills but specialize in cleaning and service of grills by:


Home Depot